Ciara's Song

A novel by Andre Norton & Lyn McConchie. Followed by The Duke's Ballad.

Publishing History

Paperback, Aspect, 245pp., ISBN: 0 446 60644 8, 1998


Timeline Notes1

  1. p1. Book One "Thrice-Horned to Death and Destruction"
  2. p3. Horning ordered in Karsten (see Witch World)
  3. p6. Ciara barely 9 years old
  4. p13 Trovagh a year older than Ciara
  5. p29. Yvian is short a bride (Loyse), Estcarp made a foray against the Kolder, Kolder are gone from Kars
  6. p34. Betrothal of Ciara & Trovagh
  7. p35. Later that year
  8. p47. Death of Yvian (see Web of the Witch World)
  9. p54. Ciara 10 in less than a week
  10. p60. A year past then another 18 months - Ciara 12 Trovagh 13
  11. p62. Civil war reaches South
  12. p67. Clan squabbling for four years
  13. p70. Ciara 13
  14. p101. Ciara 17
  15. p102. Year of the Pronghorn - Ciara 18
  16. p107. Ciara and Trovagh wed
  17. p110. Three years pass - a boy is born, four years later a daughter - Pagar begins his rise
  18. p111. Next two years Pagar strengthens his keep, three years later crowned as Duke. Pagar is 33 when announces a campaign against Verlaine.
  19. p113. Attack on Kars by Estcarp/Sulcar - revolt by half-brother, three years pass
  20. p114. Ciara's daughter is 16 - Pagar raids Estcarp over the next few years
  21. p115. Ciara's daughter dies.
  22. p118. Another year
  23. p120. Ciara and Trovagh's son has a son - three years pass, another son
  24. p121. Pagar harrying Estcarp forces - mention of Facellian
  25. p128. Alizon will be defeated
  26. p135. The Turning. (see Three Against the Witch World)
  27. p137. Book Two "If the Dream Is Worth the Price"
  28. p139. “Aisling was almost eleven.” (Ciara’s grandaughter)
  29. p140. “Kirion was now twenty, while Aisling had just celebrated her eleventh name day. Keelan at seventeen was kinder to his younger sister.”
  30. p164. “She [Aisling] celebrated her twelfth name day with Keelan assisting. His name day would come in early spring. He would be eighteen.” Snow.
  31. p167. Keelan turns 18.
  32. p175. “Two years after Keelan had deserted Iren [his mother's keep], Shandro became duke of Kars.”
  33. p208. Aisling is 17.
  34. p243. Aisling meets Neevor. (see: The Crystal Gryphon,Gryphon in Glory,Gryphon's Eyrie, The Jargoon Pard, set before The Warding of the Witch World.)


There is a major problem with the timing in this novel - from all the other works the time between The Horning and The Turning is "close to 25 years" (see: Three Against the Witch World), which is insufficient time for a 9 year old to become a grandmother. In addition the Year of the Pronghorn is sometime BEFORE The Horning - see Silver May Tarnish. Also, why is Neevor in Escore and what is he doing welcoming strange girls who just came through a magic portal there by himself? The second half takes place between The Turning and The Gate of the Cat.


  1. Page numbers refer to paperback edition
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