Silver May Tarnish

A novel by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie.

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Tor, 304pp., ISBN: 0-7653-4553-6, 2005

Timeline Notes

  1. p1. Lorcan born in Erondale in the Year of the Pard.
  2. p2. Two siblings died of the Coughing Sickness in the Year of the Pronghorn, some years before the Year of the Pard.
  3. p3. Alizon making trouble - Lorcan is nearly eight.
  4. p7. Meera, Lorcan's sister born, their mother dies.
  5. p9. Anla 14 - a year later, Merrion is 17, Lorcan is 8.
  6. p11. Another 2 years - Meera dies aged 2, word was of war, Lorcan 10. Spies in High Hallack. Year of the Moss Wife ends.
  7. p12. Invasion.
  8. p13. Father & Merrion die.
  9. p15. Aged 10, Lorcan is Lord of Erondale and reaches Paltendale.
  10. p21. Three years later.
  11. p26. Three months later.
  12. p27. Six months later - Berond died - Lorcan is 14.
  13. p29. Lorcan is 15.
  14. p42. Were-Riders gathered once more - Were-Riders fighting for nearly three years - near end of Year of the Hornet. Lorcan is 17.
  15. p43. Battle of Hagar Pass.
  16. p47. Nearly a year passed, Lorcan 18 Years old at end of Year of the Unicorn.
  17. p52. Meive (narration) “I lay in my bed remembering that year when I had been ten and eager to learn” She is chosen to be trained by the “Wise-Woman of the Bees” as her apprentice.
  18. # p53. Two years before, when Meive was 8 a 13yr old boy named Neeco was not accepted by the hive and left the village.
  19. p55. Ithia the Wise-Woman says, “Keep her with you two further Winters. Once she is twelve, let her join me in my home…” Meive (narration) “For two years I was happy.” “But a year before Ithia bespoke me, she had gone on a journey. From that she had returned with two new queens. They were larger, blacker, and fierce.”
  20. p61. Meive (narration) “I had just turned thirteen.” Ithia spoke then. “…Spring comes swiftly now.”
  21. p75. Meive (narration) “The cheeky lad I recalled was gone. In his [Neeco's] place a man of eighteen strutted.”
  22. p77. Meive (narration) “I was a girl and only thirteen.”
  23. p86. Meive (narration) “Summer came—for the third time I believed. If I was right, then I was now sixteen.”
  24. p88. Meive sees Lorcan for the first time. [Spring, the year after the Year of the Unicorn]
  25. p140. Lorcan (narration) “It had been late Spring when I met my lady. Now it was Summer.”
  26. p.181. Levas says “We named her [the kitten] Gathea.” Both Lorcan and I recognized the name. It was that of a legendary wise woman who had been with our people when first we came into the dales. (see Horn Crown)
  27. p224. Levas (narration) “That first Winter was one I think I shall never forget.”
  28. p286. Meive (narration) “On the longest day of the year we were wed, Lorcan and I…”
  29. p294. Appendix is a study of the song “Silver May Tarnish” and it’s variations attributed to “Lautron of Alsvale, song gatherer of Lormt. Year of the Pard.”

Timeline Analysis

Lorcan's Age Year Name Event
-3? Year of the Pronghorn Coughing Sickness
0 Year of the Pard Lorcan born
10 Year of the Moss Wife
17 Year of the Hornet Battle of Hagar Pass, Alizon defeated
18 Year of the Unicorn Lorcan fights bandits and travels south
19 Meive saves Levas from bandits and together they resettle Honeycoombe
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