A novel by Andre Norton and A.C. Crispin. Sequel to the Gryphon Trilogy (The Crystal Gryphon, Gryphon in Glory & Gryphon's Eyrie), Dragon Scale Silver/Sword of Unbelief and 'Ware Hawk.

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Tor, 295pp., ISBN: 0-812-51107-7, 1992, cover by Doriau

Timeline Notes

  1. p1. Prologue
  2. p3. Chapter One
  3. p12. The Turning, many years ago, barkeep was 'little more than a lad'.
  4. p18. Six years ago - Eydryth was little more than a chld, Jervon was struck down.
  5. p22. Chapter Two
  6. p25. Hounds of Alizon still 'prick' Estcarp's northern border.
  7. p38. Chapter Three
  8. p43. Hyana one year older than Eydryth, Firdun is five years younger than Eydryth. 1
  9. p44. Elys disappeared nine years ago when Eydryth was ten.
  10. p58. Chapter Four
  11. p75. Chapter Five
  12. p85. Alon: "Steel Talon belongs to no one but himself. His master, Jonthal, was my friend and partner. He… was killed. Murdered. Instead of willing himself to join his master in death, as is customary for these birds, Steel Talon has chosen instead to live for the day in which he will find his master's slayer… and on that day, he will wreak a terrible vengeance."
  13. p86. Monso born in Year of the Werewolf when Alon was 13. 2
  14. p87. Alon and Eydryth born in the Year of the Hippogriff.
  15. p89. 'Both travelers were forced to ward off branches continually, for this area, having been much stirred about during the aftershocks of the Turning, was covered with younger trees sprouted since the forest giants had fallen, thirty years before.' Turning - thirty years before. 3
  16. p. 93. Chapter Six
  17. p105. Stone of Konnard mentioned. (see: Exile)
  18. p113. Chapter Seven
  19. pp124-125. Alon mentions he was fostered by Lord Parlan of Karsten. Yachne had presented him as a child of a kinsman, though Alon has his doubts. He was freed when the keep was attacked by someone in league with a powerful Dark One. (see: 'Ware Hawk.) He wound his way towards Escore and was fostered by Hilarion and Kaththea but "several years after I came to live with them they had a child of their own..then, two years later, another" by that time Alon was nearly fully grown.
  20. p125. Alon: "Once on the other side of the mountains [Karsten], I encountered Jonthal, Steel Talon's master. I'd had a Falconer friend, Nirel, when I was a child so I spoke to him, where I was cautious in speaking to other men. We became friends, and soon we were leading parties over the mountains from Karsten and Estcarp into Escore." (Nirel- see: 'Ware Hawk.)
  21. p126 "The force I unleashed struck Jonthal, while the assassin stood unscathed. My friend was dead before he struck the stinking cobbles of that thrice-cursed alley." Alon stared fixedly at his hands. "I killed him."
  22. p131 Chapter Eight
  23. p149. Chapter Nine
  24. p158. Elona and Keris perhaps five years younger than Eydryth.
  25. p167. Chapter Ten
  26. p180. Chapter Eleven
  27. p200. Chapter Twelve
  28. p218. Chapter Thirteen
  29. p239. Chapter Fourteen
  30. p257. Chapter Fifteen
  31. p269. Jervon wakes after six years in a coma.
  32. p274. Chapter Sixteen
  33. p290. Elys is freed.
  34. p291. Trevon is born.
  35. p293. Epilogue

Timeline Analysis

Year Since the Betrayal Year Name Event
1044 Hyana born
1045 Year of the Hippogriff Alon & Eydryth born
1049 Year of the Kobold The Turning
1050 Eydryth 5, Firdun born, Keris and Elona born
1051 Year of the Horned Hunter
1052 Year of the Lamia
1055 Eydryth 10, Elys disappeared whilst pregnant
1057 Alon 12. This is the year 'Ware Hawk takes place in which is probably the same year as Sorceress of the Witch World
1058 Year of the Werewolf Alon 13. Monso foaled (He is part Keplian so this is probably when Alon arrived in Escore and was fostered by Hilarion & Kalthea), Jervon struck down
1059 Year of the Horned Cat follows Year of the Werewolf
1061 probably the year Kalthea & Hilarion's first child is born
1063 probably the year Kalthea & Hilarion's second child is born and when Jonthal dies
1064 Jervon cured, Elys found, Trevon born


  1. Joisan was pregnant with her first child (Hyana) in Gryphon's Eyrie which takes place in the Year of the Unicorn and was due to give birth Midwinter of that Year.
  2. Alon believes he is at least 12 in 'Ware Hawk so this event takes place a year after that story.
  3. Only 15 years have passed since the Turning rather than the stated 30 years.
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