The Crystal Gryphon

A novel by Andre Norton.
Volume 1 in the Gryphon trilogy. Followed by Gryphon in Glory. There are a linked pair of prequel short stories that tell of Kerovan's birth: Of the Shaping of Ulm's Heir & Heir Apparent.

Publishing History

Paperback, DAW, 192pp., ISBN: 0 87997 701 9, 1972


Timeline Notes1

  1. p5. Here Begins the Adventure of Kerovan, Sometime Lord-Heir in Ulmsdale of High Hallack. 1
  2. p5.Hlymer 2 years older than Kerovan
  3. p6. Lisana born 1 year later
  4. p11. Kerovan 10 years old
  5. p12. Year of the Fire Troll in 8 years, Joisan 2 years younger than Kerovan
  6. p13. Year of the Spitting Toad, J & K wed. (K is 10, J is 8)
  7. p16. Here Begins the Adventure of Joisan, Maid of Ithkrypt in Ithdale of High Hallack. 2
  8. p16. "I, Joisan of Ithkrypt, was wed at harvest time in the Year of the Spitting Toad." "When one has no more than eight years…" Joisan 8 years old.
  9. pg 22. Joisan narrates: 'For in this Year of the Crowned Swan I had reached the age of fourteen, and Dame Math was already preparing my bride clothes and the furnishings I would take with me when Kerovan would send for me, as was the custom, in the next year or two.'
  10. p27. Kerovan: 3
  11. p37. Joisan: 4
  12. p45. 'The Sulcarmen suffered some grievous defeat of their own two years since in the eastern waters.'2
  13. p46. Men of Alizon in Ulmsport
  14. p47. Kerovan: 5
  15. p58. Joisan: 6
  16. p60. Year of the Moss Wife passed - next is Fire Troll
  17. p.61 Joisan: 'The Month of the Ice Dragon passed, and that of the Snow Bird in the new year was well begun when the news we had awaited came from the lips of a man who battled through drifts to come to us, so stiff with cold he had to be lifted from a horse that thereafter fell and did not rise again. Southward was war. The invasion had begun…'
  18. p61. 'Others gathered into an army under the leadership of four of the southern lords.'
  19. p62. 'Yngilda, wed and widowed within two years, stared at me almost witlessly…'
  20. p62. 'There was a thaw at the beginning of the Month of the Hawk and, taking advantage of that, he [Lord Cyart] left.'
  21. p66. Joisan & Kerovan married 8 years
  22. p67. Kerovan: 7
  23. p70. 'There were three remaining [southern lords] who were cautious or lucky enough to have escaped that weeding out. They formed a council of some authority.' 'The Year of the Fire Troll had seen the actual beginning of the invasion. We were well into Year of the Leopard before we had our first small successes.' The Hounds run out of Kolder weapons as the Kolder were "…engaged in a war on the eastern continent…" This is the second year of the war.3
  24. p78. Joisan: 8
  25. p87. Kerovan: 9
  26. p99. Joisan: 10
  27. p109. Kerovan: 11
  28. p109. "What is a name?" he returned. The point of his wand now touched the ground and shifted here and there, though he did not watch it, as if he wrote runes in the dust. "A traveler may have many names. Let it suffice for now that in these dales I am called Neevor."
  29. p114. Painting of Joisan painted nearly two years ago.
  30. p119. Joisan: 12
  31. p129. Kerovan: 13
  32. p139. Joisan: 14
  33. p150. Kerovan: 15
  34. p160. Joisan: 16
  35. p171. Kerovan: 17
  36. p182. Joisan: 18
  37. p188. "What is a name? Well, you may call me Neevor, which is as good a name as any and once of some service to me—and others." (see: Peacock Eyes, Bloodspell & The Warding of the Witch World.)
  38. p190. Kerovan: 19


Year Since the Betrayal Year Name Event
Year of the Spitting Toad Kerovan 10 years old, Joisan 8, year of their axe marriage
Sulcarmen suffer a defeat 2 years before Year of the Moss Wife
Year of the Crowned Swan Joisan 14
Year of the Moss Wife Spies in High Hallack. The last year of peace before the Invasion.
Year of the Fire Troll Invasion of the Dales began
Year of the Leopard The Hounds running out of Kolder weapons.
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