The Duke's Ballad

A novel by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie. Sequel to Ciara's Song

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Tor, 318pp., ISBN: 0-7653-34552-8, 2005

Timeline Notes

  1. p13. Aisling says, “I’ve been here three years.” (since the end of Ciara's Song)
  2. p18. Hilarion is her teacher in the Valley of Green Silences. (No others of the Valley appear except an unnamed Krogan girl.)
  3. p128. “A message came from Hilarion. Escore has made a large advance in driving evil from the land. One of the Estcarp witches died but in doing so she has empowered the Light. The Darkness falls back.” See: The Gate of the Cat
  4. p201. “Aisling was twenty-two now…”

Timeline Analysis

Aisling's Age Year Name Event
20 Aisling completes her studies with Hilarion in Escore and returns to Karsten
22 The Coastal Clans threaten to lay siege to Kars city for mysterious deaths. Events of The Gate of the Cat take place.
23 Shastro and Kirion kill each other while Kars city is under siege of the Coastal Clans
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