The Gate Of The Cat

A novel by Andre Norton. Sequel to Trey of Swords, 'Ware Hawk & Sorceress of the Witch World.

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Ace, 219pp., ISBN: 0-441-27380-7, 1987

Timeline Notes

  1. p4. Kelsie McBlair and a wild cat falls through a gate from Ben Blair, Scotland into the Witch World.
  2. p18. Kelsie tries to help the dying Witch Roylane (aka Makeease) who gives her jewel to the wild cat Swiftfoot.
  3. p24. Kelsie meets Dahaun.
  4. p31. Kelsie is introduced to Crytha, Yonan, Kemoc, Kyllan and “Urik” (Uruk).
  5. p33. Kelsie meets Simon Tregarth and the Witch Wittle.
  6. p38. Dahaun mind touches Kelsie and says “You are—summoned one. Foretold—”
  7. p49. Yonan tells of the Turning (see: Three Against the Witch World)
  8. p53. Kelsie meets Tsali.
  9. p55. Swiftfoot passes the witch jewel on to Kelsie.
  10. p64. Dahaun says “Kalthea sent us word three tens of days ago that there was to come one who would be a balance for us in new struggles to come”. A prophecy about Kelsie’s arrival. She also mentions that Kalthea is “Lady to Hilarion”. (see: Sorceress of the Witch World)
  11. p74. Kelsie encounters the Thas.
  12. p87. Yonan joins Kelsie on her quest.
  13. p92. Kelsie and Yonan are captured by the Thas.
  14. p101. Yonan and Kelsie encounter Lord Rhain, a "Traitor, Betrayer, Dark One" from the ancient past when Yonan was Tolar. (see: Trey of Swords)
  15. p118. Yonan tells Kelsie "A year agone Urik [sic] found such a path when the gray ones had him at their mercy, or so they thought." after he uses his quan iron hilted sword to activate a "star of white stone" that transports them away from the Thas burrow.
  16. p195. Kelsie, Yonan and Wittle discover the magic topographical map of Escore & Estcarp.

Timeline Analysis

This takes takes place after Sorceress of the Witch World, Trey of Swords and 'Ware Hawk.

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