The Key of the Keplian

A novel by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie. First novel in The Secrets of the Witch World sequence. Followed by The Magestone.

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Aspect, 293pp., ISBN: 0-446-60220-5, 1995

Timeline Notes

  1. p3. Eleeri is not quite 16.
  2. p18. '…something bad happened..not so very long ago.'
  3. p19. '…six months'
  4. p20. '…east…traveling toward a sea.' No two places destroyed at the same time
  5. p27. Invaders came to Karsten (Kolder) - mention of The Horning and The Turning.
  6. p30. The Horning a long time ago. 'Long before…came Simon Tregarth.'
  7. p32. For more than 30 years the people have looted and been looted (Since the Kolder arrived or The Horning?)
  8. p86. Eleeri turns 17. She, Tharna, and Hylan find the valley of the Keplian shortly after.
  9. p119. Eleeri is almost 20.
  10. p124. Lord Jerrany's mother wed shortly before The Horning
  11. p132. Romar was 16 when 'limned'.
  12. p133. Romar, Mayrin 27 - about six years older than Eleeri. Jerrany 30.
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