Three Against the Witch World

A Witch World novel by Andre Norton. Sequel to Web of the Witch World. It is the fourth published novel, followed by Warlock of the Witch World.

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Ace, 251pp., ISBN: 0-441-80805-0, 1965

Timeline Notes

  1. p2. Kemoc, Kyllan and Kaththea born as triplets in Estcarp, Falconers woman as midwife
  2. p5. Jaelithe falls into a trance, awoke a year later
  3. p6. Pagar of Geen becomes Duke in Karsten four months later
  4. p10. Aged 6 Kemoc & Kyllan given swords
  5. p11. Kemoc & Kyllan aged 12 go on first foray against Pagar - Sulcar raiding Alizon
  6. p13. Two years later Simon disappears
  7. p17. Some months later Jaelithe followed
  8. p19. Kemoc, Kyllan and Kaththea 17 - Pagar suffered defeat
  9. p21. Kaththea taken by witches
  10. p23. Koris wounded
  11. p27. Months followed
  12. p28. Koris returned the Axe to the sea-cliffs of the south
  13. p29. Beginning of second year after Kaththea taken, Kemoc injured and went to Lormt.
  14. p30. Months passed
  15. p31. Facellian Baron in Alizon
  16. p41. The Turning
  17. p55. Kaththea returns and all three enter Escore1
  18. p148. First meeting with Dahaun
  19. p190. Meeting with Ethutur
  20. p198. The Horning (see Witch World)
  21. p203. "It had been close to twenty-five years ago since that happening…" The Horning.
  22. p248. Refugees enter Escore

Timeline Analysis

Year Since the Betrayal Year Name Event
1027 Simon Tregarth enters the Witch World, The Horning
1028 Simon & Jaelithe marry
1029 Kemoc, Kyllan and Kaththea born
1049 Year of the Kobold The Turning, Escore opened
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