'Ware Hawk

A novel by Andre Norton. Sequel to Trey of Swords. It is followed by The Gate of the Cat.

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Del Rey, 258pp., ISBN: 0-345-31685-1, 1983

Timeline Notes

The 3 page prologue lists the history of events from the Kolder invasion leading up to the opening up of Estcarp and the return of Simon Tregarth and Jaelithe. (see:Witch World to Sorceress of the Witch World)

  1. p1. Chapter 1
  2. p1. 'Once Romsgarth had been a major town where far-traveling merchants met—the last Estcarpian hold before the overmountain way to Karsten.' 'The days of those merchants, with their busy going and coming, were nearly two generations ago, banished now into the past. Karsten—who went to Karsten by mountain roads now? There were no roads since the turnings for the mountains themselves had set up new barriers unknown to any save outlawed men, skulkers and raiders, drawn from afar to seek refuge in holes and dens.' 'Three years of severe winters would have reduced even the most lawless to a small threat.'
  3. p2. 'Such life as had returned to Estcarp now lay in the north—in those rich lands once more to be set under plow in a week or two, and the ports where Sulcar ships nosed in, those hardy traders already seeking their old sea tracks.'
  4. p3. 'Since the Witches of Estcarp had wrought their magic in the Turning, upheaving the mountains and making the land walk and so destroying the invading forces of the Pagar, who had risen to rule in the southern duchy of Karsten, no one knew what lay overmountain in these days.' 'The bits and pieces of knowledge Tirtha had gathered so avidly from any wayfarer… …made clear that the duchy had been split into many small holdings often at war with one another. No lord since Pagar had gained power enough to make the broken duchy whole again.'
  5. p7. 'There were at least three, who, she decided, were bound for the same place as drew her—the hiring fair held here in the early spring. They were better dressed, fuller of face than she was, as if they did not know the gauntness of late winter.'
  6. p9. 'A Falconer!' (Falconers)
  7. p10. 'Now Tirtha instinctively looked for that bird—black with the white tee on its breast, its dangling red tresses—which should be riding on it's master's wrist.' 'This thing he wore was not a hook, rather something it split at the end into five narrow prongs, resembling a bird's tearing talons.'
  8. p10-11. 'They were a clannish lot, and, though they hired out their services, it was always as a troop or a squad—their commander making the bargain for them.'
  9. p12. 'There was something about him that reassured her instinct, which she had come to rely upon through the past four years.' Tirtha: "I shall pay two weights of gold for a service of twenty days—half in advance."
  10. p15. Chapter 2
  11. p16. Falconer: "There was a hosting hereabouts two months ago. The Marshall's men swept out a nest of raiders and their lookouts." 'Thus they struck farther west, and the way went rough, and the way was fought, leading up slopes where it was necessary to dismount, urge their snorting ponies to tread delicately over chancy footing, winding around drifts of seasons-old avalanches, halting at regular periods to rest their mounts and themselves.'
  12. p17. '…grain out of Esland which she had found in Romsgarth market.'
  13. p18. 'Having finished, her new shield man slid off his helm for the first time, so she could see the full face of the man she had taken on trust. He was neither young nor old—she could not have set any age on him. Thought there was a gaunt youthfulness about his chin and thin-lipped mouth, there were also lines between his eyes and a great weariness in those eyes themselves. His hair was dark as her own, clipped tight to his skull like one of those woven caps the Hold Ladies wore abroad. For the rest, she thought he looked much as any man of the Old Race might—save that his eyes were not the dark, storm-grey of her people, but rather held in their depths a spark of gold—as might those of a bird of prey.' Falconer: "I was a scout two years ago when there was some thought of return…" "There was nothing left."
  14. p19. Falconer: "It [Karsten] is a land of battles—or rather petty skirmishes, one lordling against another. Since Pagar, their last overlord, fell, there have arisen none who can impose their wills—or the weight of their swords—enough to bring a binding peace. The Sulcar come, under arms, to deal with some merchants. The iron out of the Yost mines, the sliver of Yar—those can pay any captain." "Thus it is, along the western coast and below the mountains. What lies farther east.." He shrugged.
  15. p20. Tirtha: "As you see, I am of the blood Yvain strove to erase from a land where he and his were, to begin with, intruders and invaders."
  16. p22. "He who ruled in Estcarp now—Koris of Corm1—was only remotely of the kin…Simon Tregarth was an Outlander, not of the kin at all. His Lady was a forsworn Witch…These three ruled Estcarp, and their influence was felt So there was no longer any recruiting of Witches, save of such manifest talent that they withdrew from life by their own desire." There is also mentioned to be more mingling of bloodlines, more children, and more trade with the east. War still in Escore.
  17. p29. Chapter 3
  18. p43. Chapter 4
  19. p58. Chapter 5
  20. p73. Chapter 6
  21. p88. Chapter 7
  22. p102. Chapter 8
  23. p112. Alon is at least 12, possibly older.
  24. p116. Chapter 9
  25. p131. Chapter 10
  26. p145. Chapter 11
  27. p159. Chapter 12
  28. p173. Chapter 13
  29. p187. Chapter 14
  30. p201. Chapter 15
  31. p215. Chapter 16
  32. p229. Chapter 17
  33. p241. Crytha, Yonan & Uruk appear.2
  34. p243. Chapter 18

Timeline Analysis

  1. Based on what is given in Songsmith & The Magestone this novel is set in 1057 Years After The Betrayal.
  2. This must take place after Trey of Swords which takes place alongside the events leading up to chapter 6 of Warlock of the Witch World, placing their appearance here shortly after Sorceress of the Witch World.
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