Warlock of the Witch World

A novel by Andre Norton. Sequel to Three Against the Witch World. It is the fifth published novel in the series, followed by Sorceress of the Witch World. Trey of Swords is a companion piece that takes place during the first 6 chapters here and expands upon the battle for Escore.

Publishing History

  • Paperback, Ace, 249pp., ISBN: 0-441-87323-5, 1967

Timeline Notes

  1. p1. Chapter I
  2. p1. Birthing of Kyllan, Kemoc and Kaththea. Kyllan & Kemoc ride with Borderers.
  3. p2. Kemoc injured, visited Lormt.
  4. p3. The Turning - entry into Escore.
  5. p4. Refugees enter Escore.
  6. p15. Chapter II
  7. p22. First meeting with the Krogan.
  8. p28. First meeting with Orsya.
  9. p29. Chapter III
  10. p41. Further refugees enter Escore.
  11. p42. Chapter IV
  12. p55. Kemoc swept away by the river.
  13. p56. Chapter V
  14. p70. Chapter VI
  15. p70. Kemoc returns to the the Valley of Green Silences.
  16. p73. The siege of the Valley of Green Silences.
  17. p75. Godgar dies.
  18. p81. Kaththea taken by Dinzil.
  19. p83. Chapter VII
  20. p90. Kemoc meets a Mosswife.
  21. p96. Fubbi: "Loskeetha of the Garden of Stones, the Reader of Sands."
  22. p97. Chapter VIII
  23. p100. Kemoc encounters Loskeetha.
  24. p110. Chapter IX
  25. p124. Chapter X
  26. p137. Chapter XI
  27. p151. Chapter XII
  28. p162. Kemoc narrating: "We still named our years for beasts of old— Firedrake, Griffin, and there was a Year of the Unicorn."
  29. p164. Chapter XIII
  30. p178. Chapter XIV
  31. p191. Chapter XV
  32. p200. Kemoc finds Kaththea.
  33. p206. Chapter XVI
  34. p221. Chapter XVII
  35. p235. Chapter XVIII
  36. p246. Dinzil defeated.
  37. p248. Kaththea wakes.
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