Ciara's Timeline

As has been mentioned on the page for Ciara's Song the timeline seems out of whack compared to other timelines. This is intended as a direct comparison to show where these inconsistencies lie.

Having asked Lyn McConchie why the timeline discrepancies exist, her reply was: "This is down in a way to the publisher who decided they didn't need the 'intermission' that I wrote between books one and two. This was a dozen or so pages skimming over the intervening generation, and with it gone and nothing altered in book two, it left that time problem. I suggested that I rewrite, but they didn't want to wait and as I'd long since signed the contract they simply brought the book out." -(December 04, 2019)

Ciara's Age Event(s) Other Horning Triplets1
9 Thrice Horning2 Witch World places it in the winter of this year.3 0
10 Midsummer of the this year brings news of Yvian’s death.4 She turns ten sometime later.5 The events of Web of the Witch World take place some six months after those of Witch World. It's stated that Web starts in midsummer. This would mean a message would have to travel very quickly to reach them by the same midsummer. 1
11 There is news of Alizon fighting overseas6 In many books, this is the Year of the Fire Troll.7 2
12 3
13 Kyllan is born at the last day of this year. In Three Against the Witch World it is mentioned that after her last child is born Jaelithe passes into a form of trance which lasts several months. "By the end of our birth year Pagar was strong enough to risk battle against a confederation of rivals. And four months later he was proclaimed Duke, even along the border. " 4
14 Kemoc and Kaththea are born on the first day of this year. "It was heading into another year when the Lady Jaelithe at last aroused…when the Seneschal Koris and his lady wife, the Lady Loyse, came to South Keep at the waning of the year to make merry, since the almost ceaseless war had been brought to an uneasy truce and for the first time in years there was no flame nor fast riding along either border…but that was only a short breathing space."8 5 0
15 6 1
16 7 2
17 8 3
18 Ciara turns 189 and she and Trovagh are married10 This is said to be the Year of the Pronghorn11 In Silver May Tarnish the year of the Pronghorn is some thirteen years before the Year of the Fire Troll.12 9 4
19 10 5
20 11 6
21 Ciara gives birth to Kirin.13 12 7
22 13 8
23 14 9
24 15 10
25 Ciara gives birth to a daughter.14 Around this time Pagar of Geen begins his rise. Triplets are 11. Pagar began his rise the same year Kemoc and Kaththea are born. If her timeline matched that of Three she'd only be 13. 16 11
26 17 1215
27 18 13
28 19 1416
29 20 15
30 Pagar is crowned duke of Kars.17 Pagar is 33 when he launches a campaign to reclaim Verlaine and he also starts raiding the border of Estcarp18 In Three Against the Witch World "For it was four months into the new year when the threat of Pagar came into being… By the end of our birth year Pagar was strong enough to risk battle against a confederation of rivals. And four months later he was proclaimed Duke, even along the border." It is in this same year he begins border raiding against Estcarp. In retaliation Hostovrul of the Sulcar leads twenty ships to attack Karsten, even attacking the city of Kars. This attack leaves Pagar’s hold on Karsten weakened so that shortly after Pagar’s half-brother challenges his rule.19 21 16
31 22 1720
32 23 18
33 23 1921
34 24 20
35 Ciara's daughter would be 10.22 The Turning 2523 21
41 Ciara's daughter marries (age 16)24
42 Kirin probably marries Aisha.25
47 Trader Tanrae and Ciara’s daughter die, the latter under suspicious circumstance and the former in a raid that was more than it seemed.26 It is not indicated how many years exactly have passed since Ciara's daughter was married.
48 Sersgarth has been abandoned27 a month later a new family moves in28 Later that year they buy Elmsgarth and Kirion is born29
51 Keelan is born.
57 It has been ten years since Ciara's daughter died and she finds out Kirion wants to ride to war with Pagar.30 Aisling is born31 The Turning happens this year.32
68 In the year Aisling turns 11, Kirion starts taking an interest in Power.33 Keelan goes to Aiskeep34
69 Keelan's 18th birthday comes in early spring of this year. It is also when Kirion attempts to gain entry to Aiskeep to further his research but he is rebuffed. Keelan formally asks to stay at Aiskeep.
70 Kirion raises Shandro to be duke and tries to stir up hatred against those with Old Race blood in order to extract revenge against his own family. He changes course when he realizes this will make himself a target.
73 Kirion attempts to force Aisling (now 16) into a marriage she doesn't want to Ruart. It is in this year that Shosho (during the summer) gets pregnant at age 4 and later gives birth to Wind Dancer. Aisling is kidnapped after her refusal and held by Ruart and Kirion. She manages to escape.
74 Kirion and Ruart resume their efforts to get Aisling for their own purposes. In winter of this year Aiskeep is under siege and Elanor dies. Aisling decides to leave for Estcarp but Ciara tells her about her dream of Escore. She first goes to Geavon then to Temon where Ruart catches her, but he and Temon die. Aisling passes through some kind of gate and meets Neevor in Escore.
77 Aisling returns to Karsten under a geas to remove Shandro and Kirion from power. In summer, Franzo leads a siege due to many deaths in the Coast Clan thanks to Shandro and Kirion. This is also when the events of The Gate of the Cat are mentioned (page 128 of the hard cover).35
78 In spring of this year, Franzo makes a second siege of Kars. Shandro and Kirion die and Aisling and Hadrann are formally betroth.36
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