Dream Smith

A short story by Andre Norton

Publishing History

Timeline Notes 1

  1. p85. 'This was in the days before the invaders came and High Hallack was at peace, save with outlaws, woods-runners, and the like, who raided now and then from the wastes.' 'Vescys was lord in Ithondale. But the Dalesmen saw little of him since he heired, through his mother, holdings in the shorelands and there married a wife with more.' 'It was the third year after Vescys' second marriage (to the Lady Gwennan)…' that a trader comes with metal from the Waste.
  2. p86. There is an explosion and Bronson's son Collard is left a twisted mess.
  3. p87. Sharvana the Wise Woman does what she can to aid Collard. 'The next summer [after Collard's accident] his brother Arnar marries Nicala of the Mills, but Collard does not attend. On the third year after his accident Collard does appear again when a trader comes to his father's smithy.
  4. p88. Collard sells some of his figurines to the merchant, including some made from the strange metal which he now has a talent for working.
  5. p91-92. Time passes (how much is not said) and the people of Ghyll find out the Lady Jacinda, daughter to the Lord Vescys through his previous marriage, will be staying at the local keep.
  6. p93. Lady Jacinda arrives while Collard works on his figurines.
  7. p95. After giving his works three times for Sharvana to bring to Jacinda, Jacinda wants to thank Collard.
  8. p96-97. He meets Jacinda and the next day feels an odd urgency. He creates a hall out of the metal and two figures for the thrones on the dais one of Jacinda as she should be and one of a man.
  9. p99. Lord Vescys dies of a fever and Lady Gwennan has sent for Jacinda but thanks to Sharvana the Lord Huthart is riding to marry Jacinda so they can keep the wealth and lands.
  10. p100. Collard brings the hall to a place of the Old Ones in the hills and to call three times on Talann.
  11. p102. Collard and Jacinda are transported into the hall where they shall live happily forever.


1. Page Numbers refer to Spell of the Witch World DAW edition

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