Falcon Law

A novella by Judith Tarr.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p199. After Turning, new Eyrie
  2. p200. "She's dead, you know that. The one we had to guard against: the witch, the soul-stealer. Jonkara." "…a woman [Tanree] helped to destroy her." "Remember what she [Tanree] did to Rivery." (see: Falcon Blood).


  1. Set after Falcon's Chick & We, the Women, To Rebuild the Eyrie, Seakeep & Falcon Hope, Falcon Magic, and Falcon Blood. It seems this group of Falconers refused to settle in either Ravenfield or Salzarat and remained misogynistic until now.


In Falcon Hope Tarlach and Una set up a new Eyrie in Ravenfield and Seakeep. It is mentioned in that book that there will likely be a sundering of the Falconer race (p. 362): "If accepted at all, it [the plan to rebuild in Seakeep and Ravenfield] will never be by more than half our race. We will be sundered, riven column from column, comrade from comrade." It is entirely possible that the Eyrie here was created by those Falconers who would not accept the easing of treatment of women.

Yareth and Eirran, who are in To Rebuild the Eyrie, seem to have settled into quiet village life in Estcarp by the time Falcon Magic takes place.

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