Falcon's Chick

A short story by Patricia Shaw Mathews. Followed by We, the Women.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. Set in [a] Falconers Women's Village.
  2. p181. Jommy calls upon Jonkara (and she answers!) placing this before Falcon Blood.
  3. p184 There in an "abbey" in the closest town to the Falconer women's Village. They worship Gunnora. A guardsman calls them "Dames". Um… not sure where to start with this one…1
  4. p190. The Turning. It seems this Falconer women's village is close enough to the Estcarp border that it didn't need to be evacuated and wasn't damaged by the Turning. Edit: In We, the Women we learn that 3 witches were sent to this village to protect the Falconer women from the Turning instead of evacuating them for some reason. This is similar to what they did in Old Toad to protect a Gate in the border mountains.
  5. Later, Seven & a half years have passed.
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