The Flannan first appear in Three against the Witch World.

Appearance: Flannan appear as small feathered human-shaped beings. They have wings on their backs as well as arms. They also have clawed feet.

Living Area(s): Heights of Escore

Life Span: It is not mentioned how long Flannan live.

Power: Flannan do not seem to have much in the way of Power.

Other: Though they make excellent messengers, the Flannan lack the concentration to be able fighters. They can also take on the shape of birds, though this shift seems mostly illusion and may not even be of their doing. The Flannan could have been gated or created. Given the Krogan have an affinity for water and the Thas have an affinity for earth, it seems logical a race with an affinity for air would be created, though given their lack of air-related Power they seem an unlikely fit for this.

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