Fortune's Children

A short story by Patricia A McKillip

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p196. Lyse 16 when she joins the army. Attackers from the Waste attacked 3 northern keeps - battle lasted from spring to autumn.
  2. p200. "I fought my first battle when I was younger than you. I have been a warrior for 10 years."
  3. p210. Lyse's mother was a witch from Estcarp.
  4. p211. Lyse is 26. Lyse: "It does not take nine months to get from Estcarp to High Hallack. Normally." Chace: "You were conceived across the sea."


  1. There are no specific details when this takes place but Lyse must have been conceived sometime before the Turning. The remaining Witches after the Turning would not have risked their powers by getting pregnant. Also there is no mention of the Invasion by the Hounds of Alizon so this probably takes place before then. There are mentions of attacks from the Waste in Dream Smith which may place this story around that time.
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