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Jay Watts (aka Lotts-a-Watts) would like permission to use the info on this site for his own (and is willing to share in return).

He's also looking for real names to use.

Jay Watts seeking permissions by IndagareIndagare, 27 Mar 2019 23:59

Sure, I can help with that. I’ve been marking out the Chapters points for each title I’m adding info to, to make things easier for others who have different editions.

I'm trying to make a good timeline and notes on the books Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World, and Sorceress of the Witch World. It's not going to be perfect since the books don't generally keep strict accounting of time, but so far in Three it seems that the events of the book from the Turning on take place over the course of about a week or, at most, two weeks. I'm still reading through the other two but I plan to add things in on the relevant pages here. Unfortunately I only have the Lost Lands of Witch World omnibus. Can anyone with the paperbacks help me when I put the notes on the pages?

I just discovered that "An Atlas of Fantasy" by Jeremiah Benjamin Post has a map of the Witch World in it! There were two editions of the Atlas and I'm not sure if it's in the 1973 or 1979 edition, as the 1979 edition dropped 12 maps and added 14 new ones, or if it's in both. I'm trying to find a source which list which ones were dropped and added and if there is a scan of the map online somewhere.

In a 1979 interview with Andre on, she mentions it and comments that "quite a few more towns and important sites have been added"… so it may be the map was reprinted from the 1973 edition, if it's in both editions, and wasn't updated.

I'm curious to see how it compares to the versions printed her books.

An Atlas of Fantasy by metaldragonmetaldragon, 10 Jan 2017 08:45

I think your theory makes sense. It could also explain why they were forbidden to travel with Kerovan on the Road - they had to "catch up" to their rightful place in time (probably to prevent further paradoxes).

Re: Sword of Unbelief by IndagareIndagare, 18 Sep 2014 15:09

Sword of Unbelief features Elys and Jervon sometime after Dragon Scale Silver. It was originally published (in 1977) before Gryphon in Glory (1981) but it mentions the Hounds have finally been driven from High Hallack, which places it after their appearance there, when Kerovan asks the Were-riders to join the war (in the Year of the Gryphon).

Now, in Dragon Scale Silver, Jervon tells Elys when they first meet, "In the spring of this Year of the Gryphon they met with the Were-Riders of the wastes and those will fight hereafter with us." which is in direct conflict with their appearance in Gryphon in Glory where they're actually present when Kerovan invites the Were-riders to join the war.

Here is my theory on how to reconcile this paradox: how was it possible for them to be present in 2 different locations at the same time? This story may be the key. After saving Elyn from Ingaret's Curse at the end of Dragon Scale Silver, they begin their travels which ended them up in the Waste where Jervon is kidnapped by the bandits here. When they defeat the evil "god", as it's last curse, it may have flung them back in time from when they were (after the Hounds were defeated, in the Year of the Hornet according to Year of the Unicorn & The Toads of Grimmerdale) to the spring of the Year of the Gryphon when they meet Joisan who is following Kerovan, shortly before meeting the Were-riders in Gryphon in Glory.

There is precedence for such time travel. The same year Sword of Unbelief was published, Trey of Swords came out. In that story, Yonan travels back in time with Uruk of the Axe to re-fight a lost battle against the Dark. (Judging by the title of this short story, one wonders if Sword of Unbelief wasn't intended to be published in Trey of Swords considering the three "Treys" are titled: "Sword of Ice", "Sword of Lost Battles" and "Sword of Shadow", but got nixed at the last moment?) That means, for Elys & Jervon their adventures could have happened like this:

Dragon Scale Silver- Elys meets Jervon and he tells her the Were-riders have joined the war (spring of the Year of the Gryphon). Elys & Jervon save Elyn from Ingaret's Curse (autumn of the Year of the Gryphon).

Throughout the Years of the Fire Drake and Hornet, they travel and have adventures until:

Sword of Unbelief- In the autumn of the Year of the Hornet after the Hounds have been defeated, Jervon is kidnapped by bandits from the Waste and Elys, with his help, must battle an ancient, evil "god" to free him. When they return from the spirit dimension they worry they may have to fight the bandits to escape.

When they leave the evil temple, they discover that they have been flung back in time to the Year of the Gryphon in:

Gryphon in Glory- Elys & Jervon meet Joisan who has entered the Waste to follow Kerovan. When Joisan is kidnapped by the Thas, they meet Kerovan and the Were-rider Herrel. They travel with Kerovan until they must part ways.

After that, they travel the Waste until they discover, Jervon tells us in:

Gryphon's Eyrie- The Road of Exile, which they travel until they reach the cliff with the Gryphon Gate in it. Elys opens the Gate and they enter, only for Elys to get swept up by "That Which Runs the Ridges" leaving Jervon trapped in the Gate until he's retrieved from it by Kerovan & Joisan.

Their time-bending adventures continue in:

Songsmith- Elys is kidnapped and for nine years is held in suspended animation while pregnant with her son Trevon.

The Warding of the Witch World- It mentions that in a matter of weeks after his birth, Trevon rapidly aged the 9 years he'd been held in suspended animation.

Sword of Unbelief by metaldragonmetaldragon, 31 Dec 2011 23:08

Yea, I had one too but it was an "administration" message- my application to join this Wiki. I clicked on it and read it but it would not stop flashing that I had a message. I deleted it and that made the "1" finally disappear.

Re: New message help by metaldragonmetaldragon, 30 Aug 2011 16:52

I've had one as well - it turned out to be an automatic one from wikidot on terms and conditions dated a couple of years ago - once I clicked on it the flashing 1 disappeared.

Re: New message help by ElwherElwher, 14 Aug 2011 14:27

I have a new message blinking, but I can't see any new messages in my account. Did someone here send me something?

New message help by IndagareIndagare, 11 Aug 2011 00:54

In the Timeline for Three Against the Witch World, the Horning has been placed in 1027 and the Turning in 1049 but 24 years have passed between the 2 events. Which date is incorrect? And how does that affect the other dates depending which one needs to be changed?

Timeline by metaldragonmetaldragon, 06 Mar 2011 22:59

Okay, I'll see what might work best. I've been having some computer problems lately.

Re: People of the Witch World by IndagareIndagare, 09 Jun 2010 03:20

I think most documents can be uploaded, although a picture can be dropped into an article.

Re: People of the Witch World by ElwherElwher, 07 Jun 2010 18:21

I agree about Aylinn and Firdun. I don't see Aylinn converting to Gunnora before she's good and ready. And Firdun will probably undergo some rigorous training and testing to take up Ibycus's job. I see them maybe getting together maybe a few decades down the road.

As for Kethan and Uta… I think it's an interesting pairing. Should be a very spicy relationship. Gillan could probably give him tips about dating an older partner. lol!

They do, but they also leave out the two children Kaththea and Hilarion are mentioned as having in Songsmith. If Aylinn were following Dians's path then she wouldn't have fallen for Firdun. I'll d the pairings for them, but they still seem odd to me.

Re: People of the Witch World by IndagareIndagare, 05 Jun 2010 22:51

I think Kethan & Aylinn's situation in Jargoon Pard is in the eye of the beholder. I certainly never got that impression when I originally read it. I thought of it more of a family coming together. The first time Kethan sees Aylinn, she's mostly naked so of course there would be sexual interest on his part but finding out she's his (half-)cousin raised by his real parents would have changed those feelings into something more brotherly. On her part, she seems to be worshiping Dians, the maiden aspect of the moon goddess and wouldn't be interested in any romantic feelings interfering with that connection. The way she treats Kethan comes across as sisterly for the most part.

As for GURPS, don't get me started on how many mistakes are in THAT volume…

Since Warding has Kethan fall for Uta and a possible eventual thing happening between Aylinn & Firdun, I'd take that as the final word on the subject. I believe the family trees in Warding even show those pairings.

What types of documents can be put here? I'm pretty good at doing family trees (at least fictional ones). I could make an image of the various family trees. We'd need to agree on the likelihood of some pairings, though. In particular Kethan and Aylinn, since it's very heavily hinted those two will get together in Jargoon Pard, and the GURPS also suggests they are together. Only Warding breaks them up and puts Kethan with Una, but that book, though technically cannon, has a couple dubious things going on that don't mesh well with other, previous books.

Re: People of the Witch World by IndagareIndagare, 05 Jun 2010 02:26

I've begun my own wiki about Andre's Sci Fi universe (among other things) at:
if anyone is interested. It's just a rough start and anyone is welcome to contribute.

Andre's Sci Fi universe by metaldragonmetaldragon, 25 Feb 2010 23:07

That's brilliant! I'll assist when I can. I actually managed to find copies of the Catfantastic anthologies but only managed to add info on Gate of the Kittens so far.

Re: Adding plot by metaldragonmetaldragon, 18 Feb 2010 01:35

Absolutely - if you've got the time and the inclination (which to be honest just recently I haven't!) then yes I think it's a good idea

Re: Adding plot by ElwherElwher, 17 Feb 2010 19:48

I added the plot to the short story Shado. I was planning to do the same for all the short stories so that a general idea of events and main characters would be given. Does this seem like a good idea?

Adding plot by IndagareIndagare, 16 Feb 2010 03:25
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