Gorm is the fourth country introduced in the Witch World series. Little is known about this island nation before it was invaded by the Kolder. It is visited in Witch World where they roust the Kolder.

Capital: Sippar
Government: Lord Defender. Hilder was the last (Koris's father, died just before the Kolder invasion).
Geography: Gorm is a large island off the coast of Estcarp.
Surrounding Areas: To the east is the coast of Estcarp. To the northeast is the shore of the Tor Marsh. To the south is the bay formed by the peninsula which had Sulcarkeep at it's tip. To the north is the peninsula that forms the northern side of the bay, that is part of Alizon, with the port city of Aliz at it's tip. Far to the west across the sea is the coast of High Hallack.
Special Places:

  • All that remains on Gorm is a small outpost of Borderers from Estcarp who keep anyone from contact with the Kolder tech that remains. The rest of the island has been left as a monument to the horror of what the Kolder did there. (see: Witch World)
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