Green People

Those living in the Valley of Green Silences first appear in Three Against the Witch World.

Appearance: The color of a male or female from the Green Valley varies on both mood and time of day, and perhaps on the person that views them. The degree to which these changes manifest themselves vary from individual to individual, but all change to some degree.1 It appears to be a form of natural, defensive illusion they can dispel with concentration if they choose. Males have two short ivory horns on their heads like satyrs.

Living Area(s): The Valley of Green Silences, Escore.

Life Span: The life span of those in the Valley is unknown. They could live at least as long as the Old Race does, possibly even longer, and may actually be an offshoot of the Old Race.2

Power: Those of the Valley have a good deal of Power over growing, living things. They have a lot of wards around their valley and so are likely very skilled in that. The full extent of their possible Power is not mentioned.

Other: Those of the Valley live in 'houses' that are apparently grown. These structures are topped with blue-green feathers for thatch. The Valley is a stronghold for the Light in Escore but is not impenetrable. Their knowledge of the healing arts and uses of the healing mud pools is extensive. Their most common weapon is a short rod that produces a whip-like lash of Power that resembles lightning.

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