Gunnora's Gift

A short story by Elisabeth Waters

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p358 'I'm going to Gunnora's shrine because I haven't borne a child in eight years of marriage, but I'm certainly not going to tell you that, Kyria thought, smiling politely at the innkeeper.'
  2. p359 'Harne would not send her away for her failure to bear him a child; she knew that. Even if he didn't care for her, and she had reason to think he did—he had always been kind to her, ever since she was turned over to him as a nervous fifteen-year-old bride—she was the key to his possession of her father's hold.' That means Kyria is 23.
  3. p361 'The Dales were not so thickly populated that anyone would want to throw a baby away—' (This takes place in High Hallack.)
  4. No specific indications of when this is set but probably in High Hallack sometime before the Invasion or sometime long after as there is no reference to it. Raidhan also appeared in Horn Crown in a similar stand-off with Gunnora in Arvon so it may take place sometime not long after that. It was published after The Gate of the Cat and before Storms of Victory so it may take place between the two. Since the Dales are sparsely populated and Radian appeared in Horn Crown, I suggest the earlier placement.
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