Karsten is the third country introduced in the Witch World series. After Estcarp and the Dales, it is the country most often dealt with. It first appears in Witch World.

Capital: Kars
Government: Dutchy. There have been 3 Dukes of Karsten during the series: Yvian (Witch World/Web of the Witch World), Pagar of Geen (Three Against the Witch World) and Shandro (Ciara's Song/The Duke's Ballad).1
Geography: Karsten seems to be mostly plains. There are mountains to the north and to the east and ocean to the west. There are also mountains to the far south, though these are introduced in later books and never shown on maps.
Surrounding areas: To the north are mountains and the Eyrie and women's villages of the Falconers (at least pre-Turning). Beyond these lies Estcarp. To the north-west is the peninsula with Yle and Sulcarkeep (later, their ruins). To the north-east are more mountains and the land of Escore. To the east are mountains, though these appear to be purely coastal and may not have any land beyond except valleys. Somewhere to the far south is Salzarat, the former homeland of the Falconers. (see: Falcon Blood) To the south-west, somewhere off the coast, is the isle of Usturt, (in)famous for its spider silk. (see: Spider-Silk) On the southern border is the ancient nation of Varn and the Port of Dead Ships. (see: Port of Dead Ships, The Warding of the Witch World)
Special places:

  • Kars is the capital city of Karsten and where much of the action in the country tends to take place. (see: Witch World)
  • Verlaine is a coastal holding famous (or infamous) for its location and gaining off of the wrecks of ships. (see: Witch World)
  • The Cave of Volt is located somewhere in the northern mountains of Karsten on the coast between Verlaine and Yle. (see: Witch World) Whether the Cave still exists after the Turning is unknown though it is mentioned in Three Against the Witch World that Koris returned the ax which is a good indication that it probably does.
  • Garthholm is a town on the north bank of the river across from Kars. (see: Witch World)
  • There is a small island at the mouth of Kars' river where Karsten prisoners were traded to the Kolder. (See: Witch World)
  • The ruined keep of Hawkholme is located somewhere near the mountains that forms the border to Escore. (see: 'Ware Hawk)
  • Eleeri's Gate is somewhere in the northeast of Karsten. (see: The Key of the Keplian)
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