A short story by P.M. Griffin

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. Set in Lormt1
  2. p136. Aden- a resident of Lormt & woman of the Old Race of Estcarp.
  3. p137. She has a brother named Jerro who visits Lormt irregularily. She can't find him.
  4. p139. Ouen present as an old man - before the Turning. Aden's teacher. Animals, plants, the working of nature and healing fascinate Aden. She was born in the village just outside Lormt.
  5. p140. Aden loves reading about Gunnora.
  6. p141. 'Three long, weary hours went by…' she stops for a break in her search.
  7. p142. Aden is a year older than her brother but he'd take the lead. When she was 8 their cousins dared them to go into Lormt. That's when they met Ouen.
  8. p143. Jerro had arrived 3 days before.
  9. p144. Aden discovered a bronze amulet of Gunorra during her first week of service in Lormt.
  10. p145. In an oppressive hallway she finds and full length mirror and discovers Jerro is trapped within it.
  11. p147. Aden uses the stones in the amulet of Gunnora to cut the glass of the mirror.
  12. p148. Jerro is released from the mirror.
  13. p149. Aden shatters the remains of the mirror.
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