La Verdad: The Magic Sword

A short story by A. R. Major

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. This must be sometime after The Toads of Grimmerdale/Changeling and We, the Women because the Toads' circle seems to be destroyed entirely in this story.
  2. Dames in Arvon? Since when? The Dames are an order of Daleswomen dedicated to veneration of the Flame which was brought into High Hallack by the Bards. (see: Horn Crown.) They are a contemplative order who generally eschew the use of magic and it's only a rare few like Dame Math or Past-Abbess Malwinna who have such gifts/learning. Are these "Dames of Abbey Halstead" a previously unheard of magical order of women of Arvon whose flame symbol represents "the Change" mentioned in Peacock Eyes?
  3. p139. Abbey Halstead appears to be on the south-east border of Arvon and there is a cove "below" the abbey. (Possibly somewhere near Quayth?) In The Jargoon Pard it's mentioned that the people of Arvon hadn't seen the sea since they left the Dales which implies that Arvon is inland and there is at least a coastal mountain range blocking access to the coast. Eudora's father was a Sulcarman and her mother a novice at the Abbey. Since when did the Sulcar have contact with Arvon?!?


There are so many things wrong with this story it may have to be declared non-canon.

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