Latts are introduced in The Warding of the Witch World although in Web of the Witch World there is a reference to a northern race the Sulcar trade with.

Appearance: Latts have black hair and eyes that slanted up on the edges. They have short, stocky bodies. Their eye color is not mentioned but they could have gray eyes like those of the Old Race. In fact they seem almost to be an Inuit version of the Old Race.

Living Area(s): North of Alizon and (possibly) Arvon

Life Span: There is no reference to how old the Latt may live. If they are related to the Old Race, however, they could have a similarly long lifespan.

Power: Both females and males seem able to wield Power, though not everyone in their society is a Power-wielder. They can have prophetic or scrying dreams that show the future or where game is for hunters. Their shamans seem to be able to do other things as well. Whether there is a belief a female Power-wielder must remain virginal to retain her Power is not mentioned.

Other: The Latt are hunter-gatherers. They may be related to the Old Race since their physical appearance is similar and they also do not have any lore of coming through a Gate. In fact they've actually marked the constellations change shapes three times. Those north of Alizon were driven out of that land by the Alizonders.

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