Night Hound's Moon

A short story by Mary H. Schaub.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p269. 'Outlaws'
  2. p270. 'Kennard had been separated from his parents as a small child in one of the frequent violent skirmishes that afflicted the Dales in those days.'
  3. p271. 'Kennard had been wandering alone in this remote area of the Dales near the border of the ominous Waste.' (when he was captured by the outlaws.) '…Kennard was about five years old when she [Rubeth] found him, thus making him about twelve now.'
  4. p276. Purple robed evil mages.
  5. p284. Was the Year of the Raven, now Year of the Night Hound.


  1. The mention of outlaws possibly places this before the Invasion when there were attacks from outlaws living in the Waste.
  2. The "violent skirmishes" when Kennard was 5 mentioned here could be the Invasion of High Hallack by the Hounds of Alizon.
  3. Rubeth probably died shortly before this story begins leaving the 12 yr old Kennard to fend for himself.


Year Name Kennard's Age Event
5 "violent skirmishes" in the Dales. Orphan Kennard taken in by Rubeth
Year of the Raven 12 Rubeth dies, Kenneth and Jarrel captured by Outlaws
Year of the Night Hound 12 Kenneth saved by the "Moon's Hound" Silver from evil Purple Robe mages
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