Nine Words in Winter

A short story by Caralyn Inks. Followed by The Circle of Sleep.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p171. 'For eighty-one years she'd [Mag'ra] lived in these hills as Lore Mistress and healer for the small villages strung throughout the long narrow valley called Min's Hold. Even the brigands who lived in the high places, the Sharoon Hills, came to her for healing and the old knowledge.'
  2. p172. 'For the most part these outlaws had lost their homes and families in the long war with the Hounds of Alizon and the resultant internal strife in High Hallack.'
  3. p174. 'If she [Mag'ra] made good time, dusk would see her at Sharoon Keep, the abandoned hold the brigands had made their own.'
  4. p187. 'Historically the setting is near the time of Ully the Piper. Min's Hold is not too far from Coombfrome.'


Sometime after the Year of the Unicorn.

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