Note Months

There were some notes left behind for both months that the Norton estate gave to Jay P. Watts (aka Lots-a-Watts) and were compiled by Juanita Coulson - both devoted fans. The notes may be found here.

Alizon Dales and Estcarp
Moon Of ……. Season Month of the …….
Dart Venom (Nov.) Crested Owl
Hunger Moon (Dec.) Fire Thorn
The Knife (Jan.) (Extra calendar day, Veneration Day – falls between 9th and 10th days.) Ice Dragon
First Welping Moon (Jan./Feb.) Snow Bird
The Dire Wolf (Mid Feb. into March)
Hawk (First month of Spring)
Chordosh (March / April) Crooknecked Fern
The Spotted Viper (April into May) Fringed Violet
The Fever Leaf (May into June)
Willow Carp
The Split-tusked Boar (June / July) Golden Lacewing (Their extra day, Midsummer’s Day falls between the 14th and 15th.)
The Torgian Foals (July / August) Silver Crowned Bee
The Second Welping Moon (August)
The Bloodwine (Sept.) Anda Wasp
Harvest Moon
The Hooded Crow (Sept. / Oct.) Shredbark Tree (Oct. into early Nov.)
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