Falcon Hope

A novel by P.M. Griffin. A sequel to Seakeep.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p178. The Turning mentioned
  2. p190. Failure of Alizon invasion of High Hallack (see: Year of the Unicorn.)
  3. p192. History of Falconers, Jonkara (see: Falcon Blood.)
  4. p208. "What I learned from that long-vanished man enabled me to restart my brother's lungs when I saved him out of a trap of the Dark this last spring, and I knew how to refire his heart as well had that been necessary." -Aden talks about the scrolls on heal-lore she is studying from a Falconer source. She is referring to the rescue of her brother Jerro from the mirror trap in Knowledge.
  5. p211. Eight years since Turning - Una and Tarlach in Lormt
  6. p262-263. 'Until the Eyrie fell, they [female falcons] would not even follow a man and had only consented to do so now to some of the columns in order to remain near their mates and assure a nesting each year—adapting to altered conditions as their slower human comrades were just beginning to consider doing." "Once, female falcons had paired with the women of his race, but they had severed that contact with Jonkara's coming in order to preserve their kind from her control." (See also: Falcon Law.)
  7. p281. 'They could not reach High Hallack in less than two months even if they found a ship waiting to carry them when they reached the coast.' (The time it takes to travel from Lormt to Seakeep.)
  8. p298. Invasion of Seakeep by Sultanites
  9. p363. Commandant Xorock, Gurrin & Langhold- misogynistic Falconer leaders. These are probably the same, unnamed leaders in Falcon Law.


  1. This probably takes place around the same time as Falcon Blood.
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