Port of Dead Ships

A novel by Andre Norton. Sequel to Sorceress of the Witch World. Followed by The Warding of the Witch World.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes 1

  1. p16. "It was in the month of Peryton and there was already the sharp bite of coming winter in the air. We had finished the last of the harvesting…" Kemoc arrives at Lormt to tell Duratan the events of "Port of Dead Ships".
  2. p17. Year of the Winged Bull - 'my father's time' - Osberic intending to send out a search force - but then the Kolder took Gorm.
  3. p20. Simon: "Kolder… there were rumors not long since that such as they linger still in Alizon, their old overseas ally."1 Koris: "They [Falconers] wish to establish a new Eyrie—in fact there is talk of one overseas."2
  4. p24. "We have met in Escore… one adept to whom our Witches would be as untaught apprentices." (Hilarion)3
  5. p26. Destree: "There was a healer in Quayth then, One of the Old Blood of Arvon. And my mother was taken to her."4
  6. p39. Simon: "Fifty years!" The date on the magazine in the ship from Earth is fifty years after Simon left Earth.5
  7. p52. Kaththea lives by another sea.6
  8. p91. "In the Founding Years of Varn 6783 there was a similar time and then there came a wind from the south, searing with a heat which lay waste all the fields just before the harvest." (Volcano erupted) "This is the settlements Year 6810" (the current date) - the Varn calendar.


  1. Page numbers from the Tor paperback edition of Storms of Victory.
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