A novel by P.M. Griffin. Followed by Falcon Hope.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes1

  1. p218. Before the war a 'distant dream'.
  2. p218. 'A scant two months after the child's [Una's] formal owning and naming, Alizon had unleashed it's hounds and strange weapons against the Dales.'2
  3. p220. Una began to be trained by her father after the war - Arranged marriage with Lord Ferrick (Una 18?)
  4. p221. A few weeks after Una's marriage, her father & husband dead from sickness.
  5. p222. Several years pass.
  6. p230. 'When those thrice-accursed Witches had moved the mountains, destroying the Eyrie along with the invading army sweeping into Estcarp, they had sealed the fate of his race, or so he feared and believed.'3
  7. p231. New Falconer villages in Estcarp.
  8. p269-270. The history of the Falconers as related in Falcon Blood. Since Jonkara is still a concern and no mention of their homeland now free of her, this story takes place before Falcon Blood and Falcon Law.



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