We, the Women

A novel by Patricia Mathews. Sequel to Falcon's Chick.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p17. 'The mule's saddleblanket, though worn and faded, was a work of art—an original Jommy Einason, or Nolar missed her guess.' (See: Falcon's Chick.)
  2. p18. "The Anghard? She who was nursemaid to the three Witch children?" (See: Three Against the Witch World.)
  3. p19-20. "Our tales go back over twenty generations of women, to the Far Shore, when we were queens in our own lands, and prospered." (How long since they left Salzarat for Estcarp.)
  4. p22. 'Falcon Moon' (Falconers Village women's name for the 'first full moon of fall'.)
  5. p25. Village of Cedar Crest attacked by Hounds of Alizon. (A raiding party this far south/inland?)
  6. p31-32. A 'ladyhawk' (woman headed hawk). "I am a goddess," the bird whispered back, "once a maiden, then the living spirit of vengeance, which was my only justice. Now I am a guardian spirit." (Jonkara) This takes place before Falcon Blood.
  7. p71. The Turning begins.
  8. p77-79. An ancient tale of Salzarat passed down in this Falconer women's village.
  9. p86. The Turning ends.
  10. p101. 'Snow Melt Moon' (Falconer Village women name for an early spring month.)
  11. p146-147. 'The Witch had a sudden vision of a young-old man riding across the plains, a mountain lion painted on his shield, his man's form shadowed by the form of a great cat. Beside him rode a woman of her own, pallid, dark-haired race, wearing an embroidered tabard of her own design, his companion and his wife.' (Herrel & Gillan. See: Year of the Unicorn & The Jargoon Pard.) This section implies that the women of Arona's Falconer Village descended from the same race as the men who became the Were-Riders.
  12. p152. The Turning mentionend.
  13. p156. "Krakoth, once recorder of Grimmerdale." (A toad-like alien.)
  14. p157. "We took one of your young adults for experimental purposes," Krakoth admitted dryly. "It was bulging with young in the manner of mammals; the Gormvin decided to see if a few adaptations could be performed and a mindlink established between our races. None of us expected the—person—to react with such violence, nor to cling to the tadling despite all. What bargain did it make with its partner in this adventure, that the partner joined it in such desperate deed?" (The events of The Toads of Grimmerdale & Changeling from the perspective of one of the Toads.)
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