A short story by Pauline Griffin.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p135 Falconer Tronel on board the Sulcar ship the Water Swallow.
  2. p135-136 Seven years ago, in southern waters, the Water Swallow came upon a hitherto unknown island with a gate in a circle of stone trees.
  3. P136 'Slow yellow fires burned in his screened eyes, but Tronel answered as the other knew full well he must.'
  4. p138 Tronel mentions Escore 1
  5. p141-142 Qu'el: "I fear that no part of all this world is safe as it was when I came into it. Wars have been fought and are being fought. Balances have been altered. Gates, old and new, have been wrenched open."
  6. P153 Qu'el: "Wait one year. Think well and use the time well. Spend some of it at Lormt, that repository of ancient knowledge, if you can, following whatever trails of knowledge catch your fancy."


  1. This must be after the Turning and after Kyllan leads the Old Race from Karsten into Escore in Three Against the Witch World. The Falconers attitude towards women hasn't changed, so this is probably before Falcon Blood and Seakeep/Falcon Hope and definitely before Falcon Law. It's possible Qu'el left her island shortly before The Turning if things had been relatively peaceful at that point. This is another island to the south probably somewhere near Usturt Spider Silk.
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