Peacock Eyes

A short story by Shirley Meier

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p175. Shallon (narrates:) 'Before this place was known as the Waste, before the founding of Quayth, before Flame and spirit-kindling called me to Power, I was human.' 'We lived in the village of Needle's Eye which was on the New Road to the Gate. The ruined road you now call Old.'1
  2. p176. 'My [Shallon's] brother Tyrick had gone some six seasons ago. We were strangers in the village, having come out of Arvon, and I being the eldest had settled the three of us, Tyrick, Wold, and myself, here' 'My mother, before her change, had told me of a bird the first Dalesmen spoke of from beyond the Gate, a tropical bird with eyes of blue and green in its tail. A peacock, it was.'2
  3. p179. 'What humans now call the Old Road leads straight on, into the Waste that the first-folk called Ravensmoore only a short time ago.'3
  4. p184. 'So it was that I became not-human. The change was slow as bones shifting and my feathers itched, I recall, when they began to grow, blue and green like my eyes.' 'Neevor, who is full human and has no Choice, is learning as well.' 'Felika chose for humankind, so long ago, and Wold—or Volt, as you now call him, has yet to make his Choice.'4
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