S'Olcarias's Sons

A short story by Lisa Swallow

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. Set hundreds of years ago, this story is a legend of the origin of the Sulcar race. This is contradicted by The Warding of the Witch World where the Sulcar are offworlders who came through a Gate. It's possible to reconcile the two by saying that this an oral tradition of the origin of a particular Sulcar family bloodline. S'Olcarias & Anatella's 3 sons probably married women of the Sulcar race who came through the Gate into the Witch World…
  2. Another problem with this story is Krogan and Thas in Karsten…! Unless they died out in Karsten so long ago they became myths and were generally forgotten, this story may be non-canon and just a fanciful tale among the Sulcar. Since no one seems to need to have Krogan and Thas explained to them, the framing story of the grandfather telling it to his family must take place some time after Warlock of the Witch World.
  3. In Witch World there is mention made that the Sulcar came from the north in times past, further making this tale unlikely.
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