A short story by Marylois Dunn, sequel to Cat and the Other and Yellow Eyes.


Cat is out hunting mice for White Cat. It has been "more than two cold times" since White Cat has had a litter (generally because White Cat's human refuses to admit Cat, though both of them are growing older) and White Cat seems to be depressed. While hunting for mice for himself and White Cat, Cat stumbles on a kitten (literally). The kitten had been left there three days ago by his mother.

Along the way, they find that the kitten's mother and one of his sisters had died in a deadfall trap. They reach the cave and retrieve Shado's remaining sister. With the help of a vixen they make it back to the castle. White Cat is pleased to see them and names the sister 'Lace'.

Publishing History

  • Catfantastic II, DAW, 1991

Timeline Notes

  1. After Yellow Eyes.
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