A short story by A.C. Crispin. Prequel to Year of the Unicorn

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Timeline Notes

  1. p66. "…Herrel started back towards those gaunt Gray Towers he still could not count as "home"—even after some ten years within their sorcery-rimed walls."
  2. p67. "So it was that for the first seven years of his existence, Herrel had led the typical life of a young clan lord…" [referenced in The Jargoon Pard] "Then one day when Maleron, Margrave of the Heights, came visiting, Herrel's life changed forever."1
  3. p91. Afterword: "Andre first introduced the Wereriders in Year of the Unicorn, which told the story of how Herrel and his fellow Riders were finally allowed to return to Arvon…after spending thousands of years exiled to The Waste near High Hallack."


Herrel mentions he was at the Gray Towers for 10 years, he was 7 when he first changed & his mother, the Lady Eldris disinherited him- which would make him 17 at this point.

Canonicity is called into question by the appearance of Ibycus AND Neevor as two separate people here. Though by The Warding of the Witch World, Andre has decided that "Neevor" was one of Ibycus' names/a persona he created when he traveled.


Aside from Warding there seems to be no other text that puts Ibycus and Neevor as the same person. Peacock Eyes places Neevor as a Dalesman (see: Dalesfolk), though given his description in The Crystal Gryphon this seems highly unlikely. It could, theoretically, be possible for Ibycus to have simply been friends with a Dalesman named 'Neevor' and the two of them to somehow be in Arvon at this time and when 'Neevor' died, Ibycus took up his name.

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