Storms of Victory - The Chronicler

The introduction to Storms of Victory.

Timeline Notes 1

  1. p1. Duratan born at time of the Horning in Karsten 2
  2. p3. Kemoc injured then went to Lormt3
  3. p9. Pagar of Karsten marching his armies
  4. p10. The Turning3
  5. p14. Koris of Gorm declared leader of Estcarp
  6. p382. Duratan contacts Kemoc who asks Hilarion for help for Tarlach and Una. "Even as it had done for the Turning of the mountains, Power gathered, yet time was against us and also distance. For those of the greatest talent were now very few—and what they could do half a world away was little." It seems the storm which destroyed the Sultanite fleet may have been summoned by their efforts.


  1. Page numbers are the Tor paperback edition of Storms of Victory
  2. See: Witch World
  3. See: Three Against the Witch World
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