The Judgement of Neave

A short story by S. N. Lewitt.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p74. 'We have not been in these Dales very long, but there are already stories of things left by those who lived here before.' Probably only a few generations after Horn Crown.
  2. p75. The Waste is mentioned (placing this after Peacock Eyes).
  3. p80. "I am called Tisia of Grimmerdale of High Hallack." (Oddly, no mention of the infamous circle of Toads…)1
  4. p80. "I am called Kaedril of the Blue Mantle Clan. You are in Arvon…"
  5. p82. 'Oh, if the good Dames could see me now.' (This is after the order of the Dames is formed and the Flame is passed on to them from the Bards who eventually died out.)
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