The Stillborn Heritage

A novella by Elizabeth H. Boyer.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p3. Memories still lingered of the days of wind and wolf after the Hounds of Alizon had ravaged the Dales - Lord Rufus's father brought land out of lawlessness - Mal is 4. Set in High Hallack
  2. p9. Aislinn 6, Mal 10
  3. p21. Mal 17
  4. p44. Invaders once again from Alizon
  5. p68. Battle at Brettford
  6. p69. War ends
  7. p70. Mal is 18, Aislinn 14.


  1. There are still Kolder in Alizon in Falcon Magic and mention is made of a failed second attempt to invade the Dales in The Magestone. This 2nd attempt is also shown in The Circle of Sleep.
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