The Sword Seller

A short story by Patricia C Wrede

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p440. Auridan is looking for a sword.
  2. p443. 'The annual Fyndale fair had been resumed shortly after the end of long war with the Hounds of Alizon, and it had grown every year since. Ten merchants' flags had flown above the booths at that first fair; now, four years later, there were thirty or more…' (First fair would have been in the Year of the Unicorn, this would be 4 years after. See: Year of the Unicorn, The Toads of Grimmerdale & Amber out of Quayth.)
  3. p444. Cyndal: "I wish to go north, to Abbey Norstead."
  4. p447. Cyndal: "Hervan has been lord in Slyedale since my uncle died two years ago."
  5. p448. Auridan: "By the Nine Words of Min, lady…" (see: Nine Words in Winter)
  6. p452. Cyndal: "I've seen it happen; Uppsdale isn't very far away, and I remember how Lady Annet treated Ysmay. And Ysmay had dowry enough to marry, in the end; I don't even have that." (see: Amber out of Quayth.)
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