The Way Wind

A short story by Andre Norton

Publishing History

  • Sisters in Fantasy Vol 1, Edited by Susan Shwartz & Martin H. Greenberg, 1995
  • Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful, Edited by Paula Guran, 2012

Timeline Notes

  1. Pp. 199-200. "The crumbling walled fortress… …stood at the end of the Way Pass. It was named l'Estal, which in a language older than legend, had a double meaning–First and Last. For it was the first dwelling of men at the end of Way Pass along which any traffic from the west must come. And it was also the end of a long coiling snake of a road stretching eastward and downward to Klem, which long ago it had been designed to guard."
  2. Pg. 200. "There was no returning, for a geas had been set on the coil road, and those of lowland blood coming upon it might only travel one way–never to return. There had been countless attempts, of course. But whatever mage had set that barrier had indeed been one of power, for the spell did not dwindle with the years as magic often did."
  3. Pg. 200. "The trickle of travellers from the west were mostly merchants, dealers in a small way, too poor to make the long journey by sea to the port of Klem itself."


The page numbering is for Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful, trade paperback, ISBN: 978-1-60701-294-8


The editor's comment in Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful says it's set in the Witch World. With mention of geas, wizards, a priest, the Maiden, Mother & Crone… from the sound of it, this may be set in Arvon since the port town of Klem is on the east coast. Also possible but much less likely is High Hallack and even Escore which also have east coasts. Or it may even be set in a region of the Witch World that hadn't been explored before.

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