The White Road

A short story by Charles de Lint.

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p93. War came to a head with Were-Riders (assume it is the Year of the Hornet). Final battle at Ruther's Pass. Saren 16 - war dragged on for a score of years.


A 'score' is 20 years. The War started in the Year of the Fire Troll and into the Year of the Leopard. The Year of the Gryphon, Year of the Fire Drake, and Year of the Hornet are mentioned in that order in Year of the Unicorn. If Kerovan is 23 in the Year of the Gryphon there cannot be more than three intervening years between the Year of the Leopard and Year of the Gryphon. Therefore the war either lasted eight years or there are twelve years missing.

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