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This timeline is based, as much as possible, on events mentioned in various Witch World books, novels, and short stories, as well as an attempt to incorporate the GURPS years. This timeline uses the years as they first start appearing in Year of the Unicorn. Later books, however, often contradict earlier books, so while this timeline is an attempt to unite the books as much as possible it will not agree with all the books due to the afore mentioned continuity errors. It should also be noted that the GURPS timeline was published in 1989. It is possible that later continuity errors are due to authors following the GURPS timeline, which does not entirely mesh with earlier books. Since this timeline relies as much on speculation as book evidence it is tagged as a discussion as well. Years marked with an asterisk have been specifically mentioned in at least one Witch World text outside of the GURPS.1

Founding Years of Varn2 Year Since the Betrayal Dale Year3 Event(s)
circa 5758 Year of the Betrayal Year of the ??? Shorrosh and Elsenar bring in the Alizonders from their home world. Elsenar weds lady Kylanina. Alizon City created; Lormt erected. The First Turning. Shorrosh reveals himself as a Dark Adept and Elsenar seals the Gate to the Alizonder home world with Shorrosh trapped on the other side. The Master Gate is attempted at Lormt but fails. Elsenar attempts a postern to Arvon but it is first broken by the energies of the failed Master Gate, then later rerouted by the Dark Adept Narvok. Elsenar is subsequently trapped, severed spirit from body, until released by Kasarian.4 Presumably Es City is founded around this time too.
circa 5759 1 Year of the ??? Krevonel, son of Elsenar and Kylanina born.
circa 6358 circa 600 Year of the Cloven Hoof The first Dalesmen come to High Hallack through their own Gate. They are caused to forget why they left their homeworld, however. Events of Horn Crown take place
6744 987 Year of the Blue-Horned Ram*5 Mereth is born.
6745 988 Year of the ???
6746 989 Year of the ???
6747 990 Year of the ???
6748 991 Year of the ???
6749 992 Year of the ???
6750 993 Year of the ???
6751 994 Year of the ???
6752 995 Year of the ???
6753 996 Year of the ???
6754 997 Year of the ???
6755 998 Year of the ???
6756 999 Year of the ???
6757 1000 Year of the ???
6758 1001 Year of the ???
6759 1002 Year of the ???
6760 1003 Year of the ???
6761 1004 Year of the ???
6762 1005 Year of the ???
6763 1006 Year of the ???
6764 1007 Year of the ??? Mereth turns 20. Earlier this year her mother dies.6
6765 1008 Year of the ???
6766 1009 Year of the ???
6767 1010 Year of the Serpent King Kerovan born7; Sif born
6768 1011 Year of the Ringed Dove Kerovan's sister Lisana is born
6769 1012 Year of the Bicorn Joisan born
6770 1013 Year of the Salamander*8 Almondia and Truan arrive in Wark, High Hallack; Alys born
6771 1014 Year of the Sea Serpent*9 Elyn and Elys born
6772 1015 Year of the Pronghorn*10 coughing sickness kills two of Lorcan's siblings
6773 1016 Year of the Kestral
6774 1017 Year of the Pard*11 Lorcan born
6775 1018 Year of the Yellow Dwarf*12
6776 1019 Year of the Mandrake
6777 1020 Year of the Spitting Toad*13 Kerovan (10) and Joisan (8) ax-wed
6778 1021 Year of the Winged Bull* According to Port of Dead Ships shortly before Kolder invade Gorm
6779 1022 Year of the Horned Worm According to The Magestone the Kolder invade Gorm (p.154)
6780 1023 Year of the Gorgon
6781 1024 Year of the Barrow-Wight
6782 1025 Year of the Cameoleopard Simon Tregarth may enter the Witch World; Sulcarkeep may fall to Kolder forces; events similar to those of Port of Dead Ships take place in Varn
6783 1026 Year of the Crowned Swan*14 The Horning probably takes place this year or the previous year.15 Kerovan is 16 and Joisan is 14.16
6784 1027 Year of the Moss Wife*17 Spies of Alizon begin snooping around the Dales18; Lorcan 1019; Simon Tregarth and Jaelithe probably married late this year or early the next; Ciara is 9 or 10, depending on whether the Horning is this year or last year20; Una of Seakeep born21; Doubt proposes to Mereth (age 39 or 40)22
6785 1028 Year of the Fire Troll*23 War in Dales begins24; Events of Web of the Witch World may take place; Kasarian is 5 or is born25
6786 1029 Year of the Leopard*26 Dales make their first, small victories27; Gillan brought over on an Alizon vessel for unknown reasons28; Kyllan Tregarth probably born on the last day of the year
6787 1030 Year of the Sword Smith Kemoc and Kaththea Tregarth born the first day of the year29; Pagar strong enough to take on his rivals by the end of the year; Sif (20) returns to Ulys to rescue Alys (17)30
6788 1031 Year of the Raven*31 Four months into the year Pagar proclaimed Duke of Karsten; In the summer of this year Pagar is border raiding against Estcarp. In retaliation Hostovrul of the Sulcar leads twenty ships to attack Karsten, even attacking the city of Kars. This attack leaves Pagar’s hold on Karsten weakened so that shortly after Pagar’s half-brother challenges his rule.32
6789 1032 Year of the Night Hound*33
6790 1033 Year of the Gryphon*34 Covenant made with the Were Riders in the spring of this year.35. Past-Abbess Malwinna dies in winter of this year.36
6791 1034 Year of the Fire Drake*37 If Were-Wrath takes place in the Witch World, this is probably when it takes place. Tirath may have met Herwydin the fens; Khemrys may be born.38
6792 1035 Year of the Hornet*39 Alizon forces are beaten40; Pagar has defeated his half brother and other forces41; Kasarian is 12; Lord Baron Facellion is overthrown and killed, Mallandor is placed as Lord Baron42. Brixia, Marbon & Dwed travel into the The Waste free the ancient city An-Yak from Zarsthor's Bane. Elys & Jervon fight an ancient god in The Waste with the Sword of Unbelief. Hertha raped by Daleman in the aftermath of the Invasion and seeks out The Toads of Grimmerdale. Before the first day of the Year of the Unicorn, twelve and one brides are given to the Were Riders as payment in the Great Bargain. Ciara is 17 or 1843
6793 1036 Year of the Unicorn*44 On the first day of the year the Were Riders and their new brides enter Arvon. Events of Year of the Unicorn take place; Gillan believes herself to be no younger than 18 and no older than 20. Hertha's baby girl Elfanor born and Hertha seals the circle of the Toads in Changeling. Kerovan & Joisan are in Arvon45. Ysmay marries Hylle in High Hallack and journeys to Quayth where she frees Broc and Yaal; Hylle is overthrown on Midwinter Day46.
6794 1037 Year of the Red Boar*47 Kethan and Aylinn born and switched at the Shrine of Gunnora; Hyana born to Kerovan and Joisan. Legacy from Sorn Fen probably takes place around here.
6795 1038 Year of the Hippogriff*48 Eydryth born, Alon may also be born. Ciara gives birth to her son Kirin.49
6796 1039 Year of the Roc According to The Sword Seller Fyndale fair is resumed this year. Around this time Ully the Piper probably takes place.
6797 1040 Year of the Basilisk
6798 1041 Year of the Black Adder Kyllan, Kemoc and Kaththea are 12. Kyllan and Kemoc go on their first foray. The three rescue a Witch in need from Karstinian forces.50
6799 1042 Year of the Frost Giant The Year the GURPS timeline places Simond's birth51 Ciara gives birth to her daughter.52
6800 1043 Year of the Fox Maiden Kethan (6) goes to the Youth's Tower53; Firdun born54; Simon Tregarth vanishes at sea while exploring islands suspected of Kolder activity. Jaelithe moves to Estford and shuts herself up for months. When she emerges she calls her children to her and uses them to help her find Simon. Shortly after this she rides out and vanishes as well. She made Koris swear on Volt's Axe to protect her children from the wiles of the Counsel.55
6801 1044 Year of the Snow Cat. In Ciara's Song it mentions this is about the time Pagar starts his raids on Estcarp and the Sulcar sack Kars. Pagar is mentioned as being 33.
6802 1045 Year of the Horned Hunter*56 Mereth is traveling to Lormt over sea.57
6803 1046 Year of the Lamia*58 Kaththea (17) taken by the Witches, Koris wounded and can no longer wield Volt’s Axe59
6804 1047 Year of the Chimera*60
6805 1048 Year of the Harpy*61 Elys and the unborn Trevon hidden by forces of the Dark; Eydryth 10, Firdun 5; Trevon would have been born; Kemoc (19) wounded and goes to Lormt. In Ciara's Song it is mentioned that this is the year Pagar's supposed half brother is killed but others rise to replace him.
6806 1049 Year of the Orc*62 Khemrys is probably 1863
6807 1050 Year of the Kobald*64 Year of the Second Turning; Pagar tries to invade Estcarp; Kyllan and Kemoc rescue Kaththea and all three escape to Escore; according to The Magestone Kasarian is 2265; According to Spider Silk Dairene is saved from the sea appearing to be age 6 or 7. Aisling is born this year66
6808 1051 Year of the Werewolf*67 Kethan (14) and Thaney are betrothed and would be married except for year name; Eydryth is 13, Alon may also be 13; Monso is foaled; Jervon Power blasted at the Cyclops scry stone; Alon comes to Escore
6809 1052 Year of the Horned Cat*68 Alon may be adopted by Hilarion and Kaththea this year69; Elona and Keris may be born to Kyllan and Dahaun; Events of To Rebuild the Eyrie may take place early this year or late the previous year; Eirran 18; Jenys ("Mouse") born this year70; Mereth is 65; The Gate of the Cat likely takes place this year.
6810 1053 Year of the Manticore Port of Dead Ships may take place; Eleeri may enter the Witch World.71 Events of The Magestone should take place this year.
6811 1054 Year of the Weld The first child of Hilarion and Kaththea72 may be born.
6812 1055 Year of the Hydra Sand Sister may take place73; Events of Were-Hunter may take place.
6813 1056 Year of the Triton The second child of Hilarion and Kaththea may be born; Sulcar visit Rannock six years after the Year of the Kobold
6814 1057 Year of the Centaur Eydryth is 19; events of Songsmith take place; the events of Seakeep likely take place; Ingvarna teaches Dairine to "see" with her fingers the year after Ortis's visit: This would be 30 or 31 years from the Horning, depending on when it took place.74
6815 1058 Year of the Opinicus The events of Falcon Hope take place; According to Spider Silk Dairine passes into "young womanhood" (possibly 14 or 15), Ingvarna dies, Captain Ortis returns, Dairine is taken to Usurt, learns to weave better, regains her sight - this year is called the Year of the Weldworm there.; Events of Falcon Magic take place this year.75; Eleeri, Jerrany, and Mayrin rescue Romar from the Dark Tower. The Keplian are now able to stand for the Light again. The Dark Tower is ruined and may be destroyed. This is also possibly the year Falcon Blood takes place in going by references in other stories with Falconers in them. Ciara's daughter turns 16 and is wed.76
6816 1059 Year of the Sumurgh77 This may be the year that the events of The Warding of the Witch World take place.78 Kirin and Aisha are wed and Pagar resumes raiding Estcarp.79
6817 1060 Year of the Remorhaz
6818 1061 Year of the Elder Tree
6819 1062 Year of the Wild Hunt
6820 1063 Year of the Troll-Dame
6821 1064 Year of the Silversmith
6822 1065 Year of the Bitter Herb
6823 1066 Year of the Alfar Last year mentioned in GURPS. At some point, Ciara's daughter dies and trader Tanrae is slain, though it may not be exactly this year. Similarly at some point Kirion is born80
6824 1067 Year of the ???
6825 1068 Year of the ???
6826 1069 Year of the ??? Keelan may be born. (He is three years younger than Kirion in any case.)81
6827 1070 Year of the ???
6828 1071 Year of the ???
6829 1072 Year of the ???
6830 1073 Year of the ???
6831 1074 Year of the ???
6832 1075 Year of the ??? According to Ciara's Song Aisling would be born this year - it is also the year of the Turning. The year itself is not mentioned, but Kirion is 9 and Keelan is 6 when Aisling is born.
6833 1076 Year of the ???
6834 1077 Year of the ???
6835 1078 Year of the ???
6836 1079 Year of the ???
6837 1080 Year of the ??? Thirty years after the Turning. Events of The Key of the Keplian take place; The events of Songsmith are also supposed to occur this year.82
6838 1081 Year of the ???
6839 1082 Year of the ???
6840 1083 Year of the ???
6841 1084 Year of the ???
6842 1085 Year of the ???
6841 1086 Year of the ??? When Aisling is almost 11, Kirion visits and challenges her to a race. After she beats him (and he humiliates himself) he attempts to kill her and she uses Power to defend herself. Later Kirion remembers this and starts to learn about various ways of Power. He also spends his time making Keelan miserable, which causes him to move to Aiskeep. Sometime later this year Shosho the cat is born and Keelan is given her to take care of.83
6843 1087 Year of the ??? Keelan's 18th birthday comes in early spring of this year. It is also when Kirion attempts to gain entry to Aiskeep to further his research but he is rebuffed. Keelan formally asks to stay at Aiskeep.84
6844 1088 Year of the ??? Kirion raises Shandro to be duke and tries to stir up hatred against those with Old Race blood in order to extract revenge against his own family. He changes course when he realizes this will make himself a target.85
6845 1089 Year of the ???
6846 1090 Year of the ??? Kirion attempts to force Aisling (now 16) into a marriage she doesn't want to Ruart. It is in this year that Shosho (during the summer) gets pregnant at age 4 and later gives birth to Wind Dancer. Aisling is kidnapped after her refusal and held by Ruart and Kirion. She manages to escape.86
6847 1091 Year of the ??? Kirion and Ruart resume their efforts to get Aisling for their own purposes. In winter of this year Aiskeep is under siege and Elanor dies. Aisling decides to leave for Estcarp but Ciara tells her about her dream of Escore. She first goes to Geavon then to Temon where Ruart catches her, but he and Temon die. Aisling passes through some kind of gate and meets Neevor in Escore.87
6848 1092 Year of the ???
6849 1093 Year of the ???
6850 1094 Year of the ??? Aisling returns to Karsten under a geas to remove Shandro and Kirion from power. In summer, Franzo leads a siege due to many deaths in the Coast Clan thanks to Shandro and Kirion. This is also when the events of The Gate of the Cat are mentioned (page 128 of the hard cover).88
6851 1095 Year of the ??? In spring of this year, Franzo makes a second siege of Kars. Shandro and Kirion die and Aisling and Hadrann are formally betroth.89
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