Tor Marsh

Tor Marsh is the fifth country introduced in the Witch World series. It is first mentioned in Witch World, its border hidden by mists, and is visited in greater detail in Web of the Witch World & Sand Sister.

Capital: The ruin of Volt's Hall where Volt's chair still remains.
Government: The villages are run by their wisewomen, the oldest having most seniority. The men form groups of hunters who are lead by the strongest and most successful.
Geography: The Tor Marsh is a large swamp bordered by a sandy beach.
Surrounding Areas: To the north is Alizon. To the west is the Tor Moor. To the South is Estcarp and to the east is the bay with the island of Gorm. Across the sea lies High Hallack.
Special Places:

  • Besides the scattered villages of the Torfolk, there are ancient stone ruins hidden throughout the swamp. The most important being the Hall of Volt where his chair still remains. (see: Sand Sister)
  • Near the shore is the hidden pool of Xactol, known only to Tursla. (see: Sand Sister)
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