A short story by Lisa Woodworth

Publishing History

Timeline Notes

  1. p405. Tirath's House fallen to Hounds of Alizon during Invasion of High Hallack.
  2. p406. Tirath met Herwydin in the fens (see: Legacy from Sorn Fen), rode north 'seeking news of her kin and of the fighting brothers from which he'd become separated.' (This would probably be after the Were-Riders joined the war in the Year of the Gryphon. See: Year of the Unicorn and Gryphon in Glory.) In time Khemrys was born. (Probably in the Year of the Fire Drake.) When Khemrys was 11 her mother Tirath died.
  3. p407. 'a few scant months' after Khemrys born Herwydin dies. (probably early in the Year of the Hornet.)
  4. p408. Next three years … End of the Year of the Sphinx…
  5. p414. Khemrys is 16 years old (Old enough to marry).
  6. p415. Khemrys Changes into a Pard for the first time.
  7. p417. Several months pass. Khemrys changes and cannot return to the Abbey.
  8. p424. Years turning (into Year of the Orc). Month of the Snow-Bird.
  9. p425. Month of the Frost Sprite.
  10. p428. Was Year of the Harpy, now Year of the Orc.
  11. p430. "Seeing them [the flames] brought to mind my mother's face, bending her will to See what lay ahead in the scrying bowl."1
  12. p437. Harlyn reveals he is also a Were.

Timeline Analysis

Khemrys's Age Year Name Event
- (Year of the Gryphon) Tirath & Herwydin meet near Sorn Fen & marry
0 (Year of the Firedrake) Khemrys born, Herwydin dies here?
1 (Year of the Hornet) or Herwydin dies here?
11 {Year of the Snow Cat} Tirath dies
12 (Year of the Horned Hunter)
13 (Year of the Lamia)
14 Year of the Sphinx
15 Year of the Harpy Khemrys changes for the first time; she also turns 16 this year (it seems to be in spring)
16 Year of the Orc Khemrys finally "captured" by Harlyn
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