When were the Tregarth Children born?

The birth of the Tregarth triplets shortly after the end of Web of the Witch World could have happened at the turning of the Year of the Leopard and here's why:

  1. On p70 of The Crystal Gryphon Kerovan narrates, 'It would seem, though, that their supply of such fearsome weapons as they used in the first assaults—those metal monsters—was limited.' 'We took prisoners, and from some of those learned that the weapons we had come to fear the most were not truly of Alizon at all, but had been supplied by another people no engaged in war on the eastern continent where Alizon lay. And the reason for the invasion here was to prepare the way in time for these mightier strangers. The men of Alizon, for all their arrogance, seemed fearful of these others whose weapons they had early used, and they theatened us with some terrible vengeance when the strangers had finished their own present struggle and turned their full attention on us.'
  2. It must take weeks (at least!) to cross the ocean from the eastern to western continents by ship. In fact Joisan narrates in The Crystal Gryphon, p45: 'News from overseas is long old before it reaches us. But we had heard many times that the eastern lands were locked in a struggle for power between nation and nation. Now and then there was mention of a country, a city, or even some warlord or leader whose deeds reached us in such a garbled form they were already well on the way to becoming a tale more fancy than fact.' It is likely the grunt troops of Alizon captured by the Dalesmen would not have the cutting edge latest news either. It is possible the Kolder Gate might even have been destroyed in the Year of the Fire Troll and that this information is due to a combination of the delay in receiving the latest news and propaganda to keep up the Alizonder troops' morale.
  3. Joisan then goes on to inform us 'The Sulcarmen had suffered some grievous defeat of their own two years since in the eastern waters.' The only thing this can possibly refer to is the Fall of Sulcarkeep. Really, that's the only thing that could affect the entire Sulcar race to keep them from their usual trading with High Hallack.
  4. In the Annals of the Witch World omnibus it mentions in Web of the Witch World that "Simon knew again the doubts which had moved him months earlier when he had stood before the Council of Guardians and had given the opinion they had asked for: leave the things found at Gorm alone…" This is obviously a reference to the events at the end of Witch World
  5. In chapter VII, p. 245 of the same book it seems that Jaelithe and Simon have been married less than half a year: "Could he blame Koris for this present single-mindedness which was like to imperil their whole cause? Objectively, yes. A half year ago Simon would have witnessed but not understood the torment which tore the younger man now." Since the events of Web result in the Kolder Gate being closed the triplets aren't going to be born at this time since their parents have had a relationship barely six months. It's unlikely Jaelith is even pregnant at this time, unless she has just conceived. There's certainly nothing in the book to indicate she's approaching her second trimester. Because of this it can be inferred that the events of Web of the Witch World take place about half a year after the end events of Witch World.
  6. In the hardback edition of The Jargoon Pard there seems to be a reference to the Turning on page 57: "There has been a great warring throughout our world. The Dales have battled ruthless invaders and, after a long term of years, driven them forth again. Overseas those of our cousinhood have also been embroiled in a struggle that has left them near beaten into the ground. This war they won, but in the winning, they made such an effort with the Power that for generations they will not be able to summon much to their service again." The Jargoon Pard seems to take place entirely within the Year of the Werewolf, when Kethan is 14. It is impossible to know how long ago the Turning happened at this point but in any case it would place the Year of the Kobald before the Year of the Werewolf.
  7. The Tregarth Triplets are at least 21 by the time of the Turning. Chapter II, Lost Lands of the Witch World omnibus page 31: "He [Pagar] met defeat in the spring of the year we counted seventeen winters behind us" it is that year that Kaththea is taken by the Witches and Koris is so wounded he can no longer wield the Axe of Volt (pp. 32 -33). Pg 37: "It was the beginning of the second year after Kaththea was taken that the road to Lormt opened for Kemoc, but not in a fashion we would have wished." Thus the three would be 19. In chapter III (pg. 38) "But it would seem Pagar had no wish to drink cup-brotherhood with Facellian of Alizon". "However, it was that very act [putting the Power to concentrated use] which they determined upon the second year after Kemoc left us." This would mean the three are now 21. The Turning takes place that summer. If the news of the Turning spread relatively quickly (and it's entirely likely it would) those of Arvon could have heard of it by the end of the year or beginning of the next (and since they are Power-adept themselves they could even have sensed it).
Kyllan1, Kemoc, Kaththea Kethan, Aylinn, Hyana Eydryth, Alon Firdun Eastern continent Event
1010 Year of the Serpent King
1011 Year of the Ringed Dove
1012 Year of the Bicorn
1013 Year of the Salamander Something prompts Truan and Almondia to flee Estcarp
1014 Year of the Sea Serpent
1015 Year of the Pronghorn
1016 Year of the Kestral
1017 Year of the Pard
1018 Year of the Yellow Dwarf
1019 Year of the Mandrake
1020 Year of the Spitting Toad
1021 Year of the Winged Bull
1022 Year of the Horned Worm According to The Magestone the Kolder invade Gorm (p.154)
1023 Year of the Gorgon
1024 Year of the Barrow-Wight Simon Tregarth may enter the Witch World
1025 Year of the Cameoleopard Sulcarkeep may fall, the Horning may take place late this year or early the next
1026 Year of the Crowned Swan
1027 Year of the Moss Wife
1028 Year of the Fire Troll The events of Web of the Witch World probably take place late this year.
1029 Year of the Leopard 0
1030 Year of the Sword Smith 1
1031 Year of the Raven 2
1032 Year of the Night Hound 3
1033 Year of the Gryphon 4
1034 Year of the Fire Drake 5
1035 Year of the Hornet 6
1036 Year of the Unicorn 7
1037 Year of the Red Boar 8 0
1038 Year of the Hippogriff 9 1 0
1039 Year of the Roc 10 2 1
1040 Year of the Basilisk 11 3 2
1041 Year of the Black Adder 12 4 3
1042 Year of the Frost Giant 13 5 4
1043 Year of the Fox Maiden 14 6 5 0 Simon Tregarth disappears while investigating some suspicious islands. Jaelithe follows after him a few months later.
1044 Year of the Snow Cat 15 7 6 1
1045 Year of the Horned Hunter 16 8 7 2
1046 Year of the Lamia 17 9 8 3 Kaththea taken by the Witches.
1047 Year of the Chimera 18 10 9 4
1048 Year of the Harpy 19 11 10 5 Kemoc wounded and goes to Lormt
1049 Year of the Orc 20 12 11 6
1050 Year of the Kobald 21 13 12 7 The Turning occurs; much of Three Against The Witch World after the Turning likely takes place.
1051 Year of the Werewolf 22 14 13 8 The events of Warlock of the Witch World likely take place
1052 Year of the Horned Cat 23 15 14 9 The early events of Sorceress of the Witch World likely take place.
1053 Year of the Manticore 24 16 15 10 Most of the main events of Magestone take place. In the book it is the Year of the Lamia, but this does not mesh well with the age of the Tregarth triplets at the time of the Turning and the events leading to the closing of the Kolder Gate; The end events of Sorceress of the Witch World likely take place.
1054 Year of the Weld 25 17 16 11
1055 Year of the Hydra 26 18 17 12
1056 Year of the Triton 27 19 18 13
1057 Year of the Centaur 28 20 19 14
1058 Year of the Opinicus 29 21 20 15
1059 Year of the Sumurgh 30 22 21 16
1060 Year of the Remorhaz 31 23 22 17
1061 Year of the Elder Tree 32 24 23 18
1062 Year of the Wild Hunt 33 25 24 19
1063 Year of the Troll-Dame 34 26 25 20
1064 Year of the Silversmith 35 27 26 21
1065 Year of the Bitter Herb 36 28 27 22
1066 Year of the Alfar 37 29 28 23

Andre doesn't go into detail about how long it takes to travel across the Witch World by walking, by horse or by ship. There must be weeks of time, months even between the events in Witch World and Web of the Witch World even though the narrative flow makes it seem like they all just take place within a short time. However, in Falcon Hope there is a reference that it takes at least two months to travel from Lormt to High Hallack.

Even with that said, the placement of the destruction of the Kolder Gate in the Year of the Leopard is to make the shortest amount of time between the fall of Sulcarkeep (the year before Crowned Swan) and the point where the Hounds run out of Kolder weapons.

We learn in Gryphon in Glory that Galkur was the reason the Kolder sent the Hounds into High Hallack in the first place. Even after their Gate was destroyed, other sources imply that there were still Kolder surviving in Alizon after that. With their Gate destroyed, they were no longer able to supply the Hounds with weapons, ammunition and supplies but the Kolder were still a power to be reckoned with. Also, Galkur was manipulating the Hounds with his dark powers which kept them heading for the Waste up until the Year of the Gryphon when he was defeated by Kerovan, Joisan, Neevor, etc. After that, the Hounds were driven out of High Hallack with the help of the Were-Riders.

Actually, in Three Against the Witch World chapter 15 Kyllan says, "I had hopes only of the Old Race uprooted in the south. A few, very few, of the refugees from Karsten had been absorbed into Estcarp. The rest roved restlessly along the border, taking grim vengeance for the massacre of their blood. It had been close to twenty-five years since that happening, yet they would not forget nor really make one with Estcarp dwellers." which places The Turning 24 years (and some months?) after The Horning. Which means they were born 3 years (and a few months?) after the Horning if they were 21 the year of the Turning. -MD

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